New Bronze collection

New Bronze collection

The New Bronze collection was created for the ultimate bronze lover. A take on the soft glam look that everyone is lusting over, whether it is on your instagram feed, youtube subscriptions or even pinterest boards! Neutral tones that are certain to make your heart dance with excitement, or we should be saying your brushes....

After all who doesn't love a soft neutral glam? It is perfect for everyday wear, all occasions, all year round and all skin tones. Now you certainly cannot beat that! Colour is great, don't get us wrong! We love some bomb blue shadow or vibrant purple on the lid but there is something about a bronzy eye that makes us feel glam without having looked like we tried too much. You know that effortless ' i woke up like this' straight out of bed look, minus the crust yikes! 

In this collection you will find out best selling Bronzified highlighter which is the perfect shade of golden bronze that will give you a true sun kissed radiance everyone will be jealous about! Apply it on the highest points of your cheeks to blind your haters and over your blush where the colour is at its most vibrant, on your brown bone for an instant microbladed brow lift, on your cupid’s bow to give the illusion of a fuller Rihanna pout and on the bridge of your nose for a slimmer and more chiseled button nose that we all crave. 

We also have our Bedazzled collection which has a range of pigments and glitters that will get you zoom party ready. Staying indoors doesn't mean we are not getting glam, ok? Let's get the record straight. Keeping our sanity for a true makeup addict means having glitters on our lids to go down to the kitchen for our tenth snack of the day! Shame on us!

You will also find our x-tra flare silk that are perfectly flared with the ideal gradient of shorter inner corner fibres to longer fibres at the outer corner. Flick those lashes and bat your lashes to yourself in the mirror, your other half or just on your video whatssap call, not work zoom call recommended!

Let's not forget a selection of 3 brushes- one short duo fibre, an angled liner to accentuate that flick and a medium shader to apply those colours precisely on your lid. Now we can top it off with our Wolof liquid lipstick which is a classic rich dark brown shade with hints of plum, keeping the whole look cohesive and the perfect topper to finish off that soft glam. Now go on and send us some pictures of your soft glam look on Instagram using our new Bronze collection using the hashtag #bronzecollection.


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