Pigments Are Everything!!

Hi Makeup Addicts,

One of our main aim here at MADD Cosmetics is to make it that much easier, for any makeup lover to choose the right products and tools to assist in their makeup routine.

We have been asked a number of times what are pigments and how to use them.

Pigments- an introduction

Did you know that the earliest known pigments were natural minerals?

These minerals have since been developed and modified extensively and are now widely used for colouring in many different cosmetic products.

Pigments are more vibrant when pure, i.e not mixed with binders such as talc etc. which is how most eyeshadows are made.

This binding unfortunately can sometimes have the effect of reducing the vibrancy and colour pay off when applied.

Therefore pure pigments have become increasingly popular with Makeup Artists all over the world.

They can be trickier to use as the consistency of pigments are very finely milled loose powders which can be either shimmery or matte.

One of the best things about about pigments is that they can be used everywhere and we mean everywhere, when it comes to beautifying yourself.

Some of the most common uses are:

As Eyeshadows

Keep in mind that it is better to pat the colour on to your lid, over a base/primer such as MAC paint pot. This helps the pigment to stick and last longer.

Also if you are too hard in the blending, it can remove the beautiful shimmers and leave only a light wash of colour.

A great tip, is to always use small amounts which makes it more manageable.


Simply dampen your liner brushes and apply as close to lash line to create a funky liner. Our Precise eyeliner and Angled liner brushes work perfectly for this.

Highlighting Face and Body

Try mixing into lotion to create a subtle body shimmer or dust lightly on cheekbones, cupid's bow or any area you would like to bring attention to.

Nail Polish

Try mixing into clear polish to create your own nail look which has a lovely benefit of coordinating your eye look and your nails!!

Lip Colour

You can customise lip colours with pigments which can add drama and definition, just pat on a very sheer layer of pigment over your lips after applying lipstick.

Or as shwon here by @thebeauty_edit you can get creative and do lots of fun lip arts.

She used our Peacock pigment for this star spangled banner inspired lip art.

Or just create your own colour by mixing with clear lipgloss or lip balm and creating fantastic new shades.

We have 12 simply gorgeous pure pigments which are extremely versatile and can be used in a many different ways.

Go on, grab some and get creative!

Yours truly,

MADD Cosmetics Team

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