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Updated: Apr 9, 2019

When testing out products, I can definitely tell that I like something, when I start using it on repeat or when I tend to go back to it every time i’m putting my makeup on.

This happened with the Flaming Love Palette by Makeup Addiction.

If you check some of my work, you can definitely tell that I’m into brows and graphic eyeliners, but that I’m also in love with being creative, especially with colors.

Something you may not know yet is that I’m totally into pigmented, matte and warm undertoned eyeshadows too, so you can do the math and understand why I genuinely and honestly love this palette so much.

Palette Composition and Shades

“The ‘Flaming Love‘ eyeshadow palette consists of 8 highly pigmented shadows, with a range of warm earthy tones and metallic colours which compliment each other”.

The palette is composed by eight eyeshadows that I personally consider as pressed pigments. As for the finishes, three are matte, while the other have a metallic finish. Two of the metallic ones have a nice duo chrome effect.

Yes, I broke that eyeshadow, but it works perfectly!

  • Whisper – “Metallic beige, think champagne”. It’s a perfect highlighting shade for lids, inner corners and cheekbones too.

  • Goldilocks – “True gold, think treasure. It has a metallic finish”. What I love about it is that it’s a warmer gold, not too cold and not too “antique”.

  • Belize – “Metallic turquoise, think peacock”. This is one of those shades that make you immediately think about summer and I love to combine it with Goldilocks and Savannah Desert.

  • Amethyst – “Duo chrome purple, think jewels. It has a metallic finish”. It’s a lovely metallicpurple shade with a light hint of blue and magenta.

Without Flash

With Flash

  • Eden – “Duo chrome pink with gold flecks, think rose gold”. Eden may look like a average metallic pink, but it has a lovely gold touch to it.

  • Flaming kisses – “Matte burgundy red, think rusty”. It’s definitely a great shade to deepen the crease. If blended lightly, it gives a lovely warm and reddish touch to any look. If fully applied, it gets pretty dark. Love it!

  • Savannah Desert – “Matte orange based brown, think earth”. Same ad Flaming Kisses, but instead of warm and reddish touch, it provides more of a warm and orange one.

  • Brownie – “Matte dark brown, think chocolate”. It’s the darkest and with this one you can deepen any look. It’s not a black, but a very dark brown and has a neutral to warm undertone.

Without Flash

With Flash

Further Details and Packaging

It’s a slim cardboard palette with a magnetic closure that basically takes no room. All the shadows can be taken out of the palette and put into a magnetic palette. Each pan has a magnetic base and contains 3.5 g / 0. 123 of product (each MAC refill pan contains 1.5 g / 0.05 oz of product, less than the half compared to the Makeup Addiction ones), so it’s actually pretty big and contains a lot of product.

Pigmentation, Suggestions and Personal Considerations

All the shadows have a very nice pigmentation and the metallic ones perform even better when wet.

I usually use the matte ones in the crease, starting from the lighter to the darker to create a nice transition, and the metallic ones on the lid or wet as eyeliners, using a fine angled brush.

Whenever I take it, the first thing that comes to my mind is that this is one of those palettes you can use throughout the year, a complete palette with a nice balance between neutrals and metallic one with a very nice color selection. And the great thing about it is that the matte ones allow you to balance every metallic color, making them very wearable. For example, when I’m not creating some crazy graphic and colorful looks, I always go for my dear earthy tones, but I have to say that I recently started to incorporate to my natural shadows more vibrant ones and I love it.


You can get the palette here for only £25, meaning that each pressed pigments costs around £3. It’s actually a very good deal.

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